Sunday, April 7, 2013

Manatee Gray....Target's Troubling Color Scheme

Target has come under some speculation, regarding their decision to call a "missy" size item dark heather gray, while offering that same item in the same color, but are choosing to call that color manatee gray for the plus size version.   Really.. Who in their right mind would want to call a plus size item manatee aka sea cow anything? I notice the skinny girls didn't have this color option.

When Susan Clemens of Digital Maven brought this glaring error to Target's attention, they were quick to respond.  They stated that it was an error that occurred because there was a lack in communication between the buyers who purchase for the "missy" sizes and the buyers that purchase plus sizes on how they were to categorize this gray color. Apparently, they were all supposed to be called dark heather grey, but the plus size buyers didn't get the memo.  I think it comes down to laziness and insensitivity. Thy don't care about the "fatties'" feelings and were just throwing it up there because they don't care, as it is not their main market.