Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Dr. is in...Style

Dr. Condolesa Rice. No matter what you think about her political philosophy, she is brilliant, handsome and universal. She is a professor, an advisor to presidents, a concert pianist, a diplomat, a dancer and an athlete. Now we can add avid NFL football fan and model to Dr. Rice's list of accomplishments.


Dr. Rice did a photo shoot for the NFL modeling a fitted jersey for her favorite team, the Cleveland Browns. The new line is an effort by the NLF to reach out of course to the growing number of women who are also NFL fans.

Both the jerseys and Dr. Rice look great. Just in time for the start of the season
What a fabulous example of fortitude and following your dreams! Work it, Dr. Rice!


Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Royal Hoodies...

Hoodies are almost always controversial in social culture. They are hip, urban, trendy and are seen as a symbol of a valid hip hop counter-culture. (Let's not tell Geraldo, okay?)

Wearing hoodies in the fashion world, I'm afraid to report, is also very controversial. Even for a queen to wear. Especially for a queen. This past weekend, Queen Elizabeth was spotted on the way back from a grouse hunting trip, driving one of her Range Rovers donned in a hoodie.

Some have accused the queen of having "swag" (I blame Twitter), while others have registered their bewilderment at the queen's wardrobe choice.

While, the queen's fashion choice is causing a stir, here are some other women who have rocked hoodies with success:

Grace Jones

Jane Russel

Queen Latifah


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wrap them up in these!

We all say that we want to rock that dress. You know. That dress that will make other women compliment us (even if they are just a little bit jealous. that's okay) and move old boyfriends to quietly burn with passion for us when we enter the room. That dress.

Well, enter the bandage dress. It's form-fitting, curve-hugging and just the right amount of glamorous for the club or evenings out. With simple, tasteful accessories, you'll be fabulous.

Get out there and work those curves!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Recap: Fabulous Words and Wardrobes at the National Poetry Slam

Hi all.  Some of you may not know, but another one of my passions, in addition to fashion, is poetry.  I have been writing since I was a kid, but have only just started sharing it and participating in slam poetry for the past 4 years.  I had the honor to compete at the National Slam Poetry competition this past week.  There were 72 teams, from the United States and Canada, that attended this week long event. This year the competition was held in the fabulous city of Charlotte, N.C. 

Here is a recap of some of the beautiful outfits that I saw the fierce poets working! Please take a gander at the gems that I was able to snap at the post finals party!

It was so much fun to see all the different styles, prints and color combinations that these and other amazing poets wore! Plus, the shoes were otta sight! Well done, ladies! Way to work those curves!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Ann Curry: Ahead of the Curve

Oscar Wilde said that every man has his disciples. That may be true. And the same may also be true for women. Even with long time reporter and anchor Ann Curry. She's really smart and really funny and really, really personable and caring. Which is why when Meredith Vieria left the the anchor seat at the Today Show, most of believed that when Ann Curry was picked to replace Vieria, it was a wise and natural choice.

For about a year, Curry dazzled the Today Show and its audience with her thoughtful journalistic approach, fun-loving demeanor and bold fashion. Curry clearly had her share of disciples, but the executives at NBC weren't among them. Curry was replaced as anchor of the Today Show, almost as quickly as she was named to the post.

And Curry, in her usual poised fashion was slow to talk about the reasons she was given for her departure. But, we are now discovering that Curry was replaced because she wore bright-colored dresses and refused to color her graying hair, or mask her wrinkles.

“I’ve decided not to buy into the idea that I want to stop aging,” she said. “My wrinkles connect me to my family, to my ancestors and to my future. This is how my father looked when he was my age. I’ve got cellulite because it runs in my family. I’ve got gray hair because I won’t dye it. … But I don’t want to change the fundamental parts of me because it means changing who I am.”

So for those of you keeping score, NBC execs replaced Curry because she has a bold fashion sense and refused to be ashamed that she is in her fifties?

That may sit well with the people who work at NBC, but for us women who hear all the time that the older we get the less beautiful and more worthless we become, it's fingernails on a chalkboard.

Ann Curry. Dissed by NBC execs. Changing the way the world thinks about gray hair and bold fashion. She is ahead of the curve.