Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Month of Hallow's Eve....Costume Ideas

Halloween is approaching and I thought I would put together some thoughts about costumes for busty and curvy women.  Oh sure this article could have come a little bit closer to Halloween, but I wanted to start making suggestions early.  If you are curvy like we are, the folks who design Halloween costumes don't do us any favors.  They attach the word "sexy" before any costume (sexy nurse, sexy devil and the sexy kitty) and expect us to swoon all over it.  Like we don't know the difference between sexy, and slutty.

Here are some suggestions I have for this year's Halloween that are jazzy, classy and will accent the curves:

The Snow White

Mother Nature

Mad Men dress



Greek Goddess Minerva

As always, I suggest we keep our curves out of the cliches (Marilyn Monroe, Cat Woman, or the Head Nurse) or anything that has the word "wench" or "sexy" in the name.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

This Ain't No Rodeo...

I never thought I'd have to type this, ever, but cowboy boots are here. Once reserved for Boot-Scoot Boogiers, Jon Travolta in "Urban Cowboy," and sweaty country singers, the cowboy boot has made its way back into the mainstream of fashion apparently. As seen below at the Fashion Week, a number of models rocked them with shorter skirts or western wear attire.


I have nothing against the cowboy boot in and of itself. But, where other boots (think ankle-length boots or the simple black rider boots), are generally more versatile in they can be worn with several outfits for several diverse occasions, the cowboy boot generally looks good with some specific looks.

If you must indulge in this trend, I suggest skinny jeans or a peasant dress for a little more jazzy look.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Fashion's Night Out? For Size L or Less….

This week celebrates one of the most coveted weeks in the fashion world, 2013's Spring New York Fashion Week.  But, upon reviewing the evidence that allows one to loudly and proudly support and celebrate fashion week, specifically the  Fashion's Night Out Event (which is in its 4th year and is done on the Thursday Eve), leaves me feeling a little perplexed, a little irked.  The evidence that I noticed is that the Fashion's Night Out T-shirt, which is made specifically for this event, is only available in sizes XS-L.  Did I miss something? Are people who are not those particular sizes not "allowed" to partake in the Fashion's Night Festivities, or at least not claim to be associated with it? Really?!  Now, I know, I know, we plus-size gals finally got our "own"  fashion week, which is held every June (since 2009) and I cannot and will not rain on that parade. It truly is a wonderful triumph and a glorious celebration of real, beautiful women and the clothing that they make look fabulous! But, come on people, are you really not going to make a t-shirt, in a size larger than size L? I'm just saying…


Thursday, September 6, 2012

The First Lady…Amazingly Fabulous!

The First Lady, Michelle Obama, continues to wow the world not only with her powerful programs, but with her wonderful fashion sense! I am not trying to overlook all the amazing work that she has done, and continues to do. On the contrary, I wish to highlight her and honor the fact that she has done all this remarkable work and continues to inspire myself, and other, all while looking fabulously fierce! I am so happy to see someone who can make change and look beautiful, while she is doing it. It is a fantastic reminder that we can do whatever we set our minds to, and that you don't have to choose between being strong and looking beautiful.  You can be both! The First Lady is an ever stunning reminder of this.

She rocked the gorgeous Tracy Reese dress with J. Crew Shoes while she gave her inspiring speech at the DNC on Tuesday. I have a feeling the First Lady will do for Tracy Reese, what she did for Jason Wu, when she wore his dress on inauguration night.  Tracy Reese get ready for your sales to sky rocket!   The First Lady is a wonderful example of following your passion, and looking beautiful while you do it!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

White After Labor Day…To Be or Not To Be….

Hi all, as we embrace the beginning of September and get ready to honor Labor Day with libations and cookout offerings, we are plagued with the age old question, "Can we wear white after Labor Day?"
For some, the answer may be a fierce and forceful no way! But, for others, myself included, think there is room for white to be worn after Labor Day.   In fact, wearing white after Labor Day can be fun way to infuse the crispness of white with the jewel tones for this Fall to create an even more vibrate visual contrast.  True, you will have to trade your sandals in for booties, cardigans, and leather jackets, in order to avoid looking like you can't let go of summer, but with all the wonderful choices out there, that won't be a problem at all. $128.00 wear with a white/cream blazer wear with a leather jacket $219.00
Have fun mixing different colors, textures, and patterns together as we transition from summer into Fall! Have a very safe and happy Labor Day!