Thursday, May 31, 2012

Mad Mini Wardrobe for Professionals

We enjoy Mad Men. We excuse the gallivanting, sexism, racism, and almost every other kind of -ism, because we love the charming and handsome men. We also love the women. Strong and powerful, and of course fashionable, the women of Mad Men thrive in a workplace and society, dominated by men.

While we love all of the women of Mad Men, we especially love Joan. Called "tubby" in real life by the ignorant, the size 14 bombshell, Joan (or Christina Hendricks at least) was included in Maxim's Sexiest list. For us Mad Men and Joan observers, we are so pleased that she finally made partner at Sterling, Cooper, Draper, Price. We don't like what she had to do to get there, but we are nonetheless happy for her.

In honor of Joan making partner, here are some outfits that, I think should be essential to her wardrobe, or all of our wardrobes, as we make our way in the professional world: $122.00


Be proud, polished, and professional! Don't be afraid to work it at work!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Easy Breezy Maxi Tee Dresses

Hi all. Now, I know that I just did a segment on maxi dresses not too long ago, but I wanted to pay special homage to the Maxi Tee Dress, as it is a busy girl's best friend. This relaxed look is easy to put together, and with the right shoes and accessories, as it is all about this shoes, you can turn this look from day to night.  Here are a few of my favs:

Monday, May 28, 2012

Men in Black-for the Ladies!

Memorial Day is the unofficial start of the summer season and every year with this unofficial start, Hollywood usually supplies us with a plethora of blockbuster movies.  Well, this year is no exception.  With the release of Men in Black III, we get a fresh opportunity to see just how good Will Smith looks in black.  But, ladies, Will Smith isn't the only one who looks good in black.  I have found a few pieces of black for this season that will have you saying, much like Will Smith in the first Men in Black, "I make this look good," or something like that:

The little black dress:

Now, I know every fashion blog and fashion writer loves to say what is "the new black."  "Brown is the new black."  "White is the new black."  You've seen it all.  But, ladies, don't be fooled.  Black is the new black.  The truth is, nothing is better and more essential to a wardrobe than black.  And this little black dress is proof of that.  It's classy, it's wonderful and it's my favorite piece. $160.00

A black skirt:

Slimming.  Fitted.  Tasteful.  This black skirt from --- is a season highlight.

Black pants:

What don't these babies go with.  A floral print or bold-colored blouse with these are perfect for casual outings.  Through a light blazer on and it’s an office-friendly outfit.

And the shoes:

T-strapped, sequin with just enough heel to be jazzy, these are really, really...nice.


Now, you're ready to track down aliens or the perfect martini.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

A Pocket Full of Kryptonite...

We are no doubt superwomen. Doing all that we do--being great mothers, thriving in the workplace, hitting the gym, limiting the sweets and...chocolate (it's in a category all its own), and looking fabulous and rocking curves in a curve-unfriendly world--takes nothing short of miracles and super-human strength. We fly from work to home, we use our super strength to pick up groceries, and we have x-ray ability to see when our children or other loved ones are in trouble.

But, even superwomen with superpowers, have weaknesses--things that drain our powers simply by being in the same room with us. As you might guess, our kryptonite as curvy women comes in the form of cuts of dresses and clothes that are not flattering for our figures. Here they are:

The Mermaid Cut

It is called the mermaid cut because it is close fitting from the bodice down through the hips. You know, like a mermaid. The mermaid cut adds curves and bulges where they should not be on us curvy women. Leave this cut for slimmer figures or actual mermaids.

The Pencil Cut

Putting this cut on the list hurts my heart, it really does. Because, I have seen many curvy women rock them with grace and class (we're talking to you Christina Hendricks). But, I have seen a greater number of us beautiful, sassy, curvy women wear them and they look tacky on us.

The Sheath

See above. This cut is so unforgiving and tends to exaggerate our curves.

Halter Dress

Again, I have seen many of us pull this off well, but if we have bigger arms and upper bodies, we should stay away from this cut too.

Friday, May 25, 2012

A Thick Girl's Best Friend...

So, by now, you all know that I am all about finding, highlighting and giving major props to designers and stores that do thick right. I mean really right. There are tons of designers out there, and some of them even make clothing for thick figures. But, not everything that is designed for us, is always good for us.

You know what I mean, ladies. Either a piece over accentuates the body when we're looking for something more subtle, and other times a piece can completely hide our curves and make us look bigger and less, well, crisp (think moo moos and poorly made maxis).

So, after hours of research (you know, days of painful shopping and browsing lines. I know, this is hard work, but somebody's gotta do it) I have come up with a few basic, tasteful, classic cuts that look yummy on our figures:

The A Line

So called because of its shape (it looks like the English letter "A") The A Line is perfect for thick women, because it elongates our figures and allows our hips to peek through. It follows our shapes as it is narrow at the top and flares at the bottom. This very sexy, very classy cut, is a must have for us. $132.00

The Empire Waist

This is a dress where the waistline is moved well above the natural waistline and placed just under the bust. This cut takes the focus of the waist and on the curves. $175.00

The Ballgown

This cut is fitted at the bodice and flares below. This cut, naturally reserved for formal occasions, is flattering to and for the curvy figure. $245.00

The Belt

Almost any cut with a belt. Cuts with belts can make a good cut symmetrical, and make for a very professional, jazzy look. $170.00

Here they are. Cuts of dresses that flatter our flattering figures. Remember the key is to accentuate tastefully, not hide the body or slap on something that overdoes it. Next up unflattering cuts to our figures.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Yummie Tummie by Heather Thomson-Summer Shapewear! Still Stay Sleek in the Heat!

Ah, the joyous outcome of shapewear. True, it can sometimes be a battle to get oneself into said garment, but the results are flawless, streamline, and magnificently showcases that beautiful shape! The extra challenge that comes with summertime is the desire to still have that nice drape of that dress, without turning into a giant puddle of sweat, because as we all know, the summer temps can be challenging! Enter Yummie Tummie by Heather Thomson.  The difference with this shapewear is that it is made of nylon-elastane and bamboo to help keep you cool, while you work that fabulous dress! Here are a few options below:

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Bring on the Beach! Swimsuit Season is Here!!

Ladies, Ladies! It is that time of the year again! Get ready to strut your stuff, whether that's on the beach or poolside, in a fabulous swimsuit that shows off your curves! Don't you dare hide behind jogging pants and oversized t-shirts! Show off that gorgeous shape!

I am LOVING Monif C swimwear! See a few examples and a link to her lookbook for other ideas

Here is the link to the lookbook

Monday, May 21, 2012

Pink is for....

Pink. Pink is for girls. We have been told, not so subtly from birth, that pink (and other pastels), is for girls. We were dressed in pink hats and onesies, and swaddled in pink blankets to distinguish us from us. We were dressed in it for Easter, Christmas and other holidays. We were told that we (and Molly Ringwald) were pretty in it in high school, and there is even a line of clothing that makes a point to prominently display the word pink on our butts, or legs or chest.

So, we know that it's the color we're supposed to like and wear, but is it really our color? Is pink our color because we like it, or because we are told to like it? Well, an effort called believes just that--that the color pink has been pushed on us to wear and like, and with it, stereotypes that limit and marginalize us to certain roles.

They have a point, but fashion has been moving away from this for years. Some of the world's most awesome are rarely seen in pink, while some of the world's most powerful men have.

 Pink the Singer

President Obama

 King of Thailand

What do you think...about pink?

Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Amazing Donna Summer

I love to love you baby! Yowzas! That little chorus rocked the music industry and scortched the charts. The amazing and revolutionizing Donna Summer.  The Queen of Disco, has died of cancer, at the age of 63.  She was a 5 time Grammy winner and the first artist ever to score three back-to back No.1 double albums.  She is credited to influencing a great many stars from Michael Jackson and Madonna, to Beyonce and Rihanna.  This songstress certainly knew what it was to shine! She oozed sensuality and inspired it in others, as well! She used her strength, persistence, talent, and confidence to make things happen.  True, she was blessed with a voice, but she had to go all the way to Munich, and back to LA, to make people hear it.  In honor of Donna Summer and yourself, keep working towards your goals! Move past the trials and tribulations and push on!

Bringing Back the Maxi!

The Maxi dress.  Once a staple for pregnant women and anyone who wanted to hide their figure, the maxi dress (and its adorable sister, the maxi skirt) has made its way into the fashion mainstream.  Worn by the teeny tiny and the thick alike, the maxi is great before 5pm attire.  It is loose fitting enough to rock with a fabulous hat and sandals at the beach, but dressy enough with the right wedges, to wear at the office of a Thursday or Friday.

While I personally love the maxi in the spring and summer, wearing the maxi, much like spandex and skinny jeans, comes with a few caveats...especially for us curvy women.

Caveat #1:  Make it fit.  I mean this.  Just because we're not a size 2, doesn't mean we can't be proud of our bodies and look fabulous.  A maxi that is a size or two too big, makes even the hottest woman look sloppy, girls.  For the maxi, naturally sizes run a tad larger than true, so don't be afraid to go a size down from your normal dress size.  A well-fitting maxi can snug your hips and accentuate your awesome curves.

Caveat #2:  The shoes, the shoes, it's gotta be the shoes.  A maxi can rise and fall on your shoe choice.  I can't think of an occasion where flats would set off a maxi, so my suggestion is not bother with them.  Find a nice open-toed wedge or low heel, and save the flats for shorts and ballet recitals.

Caveat #3:  Theorize before you accessorize.  And by theorize, I mean plot.  Plan.  Dream up an accessory scheme that draws attention to you and your dress.  I don't mean that you should "peacock" (we'll leave that for the guys in club.  Euww.) with a viking helmet ala Flava Flav, but tasteful sunglasses, a wicker bag and hat, and a charm bracelet will make it do what it do.

Caveat #4:  Have fun.  It should go without saying that we wear maxis to be comfortable, yet sexy, fluid, while at the same time form-fitting.  But, we also wear them to have fun.  To be fun.  To have the sun shine on our backs, to remember, even for a few hours, how wonderful summers used to be before the career, and all that.  Just have fun.

So, now you're ready to be maxi. Rainforest Paradise Maxi $185.00 Michael Kors $105.00

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Hot Child in the City-City Sandals!

Hi all! Now that the sun is shinning, it is time to break out our city sandals! After a relaxing mani/pedi, it's time to let those feet strut their stuff! What better way to add a little attitude than city sandals?!  Here are a few of my favs:

Let the sandal be the focus, or have it be a minimalist addition, and work a fab dress, gorgeous accessories, or a fierce purse!