Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Thick Thoughts...."You don't alter Vera to fit alter yourself to fit Vera"

"Be very careful about any pre-wedding weight gain-you don't alter Vera to fit you, you alter yourself to fit Vera." This is a quote taken from the movie, Bride Wars, starring Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway.  This quote is spoken by a very gaunt and judgemental salesgirl, who warns Kate Hudson's character about the dangers of gaining weight before her wedding day, as the Vera Wang dress runs very small.  Sadly, this is an all too common theme among brides-to-be today.  They feel that they must lose weight for their wedding or their special day will be ruined.  I don't recall reading any laws that state that a bride must loose weight in order to be considered beautiful...that her special day rides on the coattails of the all mighty scale.  Society continues to portray certain requirements of what is acceptable and what is required to get there. 

This begs the question, why do you have to loose weight to fit the dress, why can't you make the dress fit you?

Even the soon to be princess, Kate Middleton is getting into the act.  She is rumored to have lost 2 dress sizes, and has said that it is all part of the "wedding plan."  This act has taken the future princess down to a fragile looking size 6.  It seems to me that if you are going to be a future royal, why can you not, of all people stand up and say, "I demand my wedding dress to fit me as I am!" It is being made especially for you! Why do royals and commoners alike, continue to stand down and bow to the almighty vows of society?

Sunday, April 24, 2011

From Eostre to Easter...accessories abound...

Some people believe that the word Easter comes from Eostre, the goddess of Spring, fertility, and rebirth.  Eostre is depicted as a curvaceous woman who brings the Earth back to life after the long Winter.  Eostre comes down to Earth in the form of a beautiful maiden with a basket of bright, colorful eggs.  Her magical companion, the rabbit, accompanies her as she brings new life to dying plants and flowers by hiding the eggs in the field.  The Easter bunny/her companion itself, symbolizes fertility, rebirth, and the abundance of life (
I am so excited to have found this curvaceous goddess.  She is the granter of new beginnings and of second chances.  She is full of joy and creation, a goddess in her own right. 

Speaking of young maidens, Easter fashion for little girls is timeless.  Whether one has to be coaxed or happily flies into the lovely pink dress that symbolizes not only Easter, but also the beginning of Spring, the Easter dress is certainly a staple of celebration.  I, myself, have a favorite Easter dress and memory.  My dress was a lovely shade of pale the Easter eggs that we had dyed the night before.  As a youngster, I had the interesting combination of tomboy tendencies of tree climbing, etc, but I shared these interesting adventures with my pink clad Barbies.  So, my mother did not have to do too much coaxing to get me into my pink dress, it was the sitting still part that was a little more challenging.  She managed to get my sister and me to both sit on the couch, and then my parents brought in two bunnies! There was no faux fur about it! These were real life, full fur bunnies! Complete with hopping and cute nose wrinkling! There was so much celebration that day!

Easter is a time of great celebration and gratitude, a time of new beginnings and joy.  No matter your beliefs, keep a bunny by your side, faux fur or chocolate, and know this is the time of celebration and rebirth, and that a curvaceous goddess lies within you.  Happy Easter!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Thick Thoughts....on Two and a Half Men Episode

A picture is worth a thousand words...and so is a facial expression.  Last night, I caught the tail end of an episode of Two and a Half Men, where Jon Cryer's character is upset and feels he has turned himself into a male prostitute because a thin, older women is paying him for his "pleasurable" chiropractic adjustments.  She offers him other "options" but Jon Cryer's character tells the older woman that he wants to continue receiving payment instead.  The receptionist at Jon Cryer's office, who is a plus size woman, and is portrayed in a very dowdy, unattractive way, is witness to the conversation between Jon Cryer and the older, thin woman.  The thin woman leaves, and the receptionist says to Jon Cryer, "I want an adjustment." He replies," your back bothering you?" She says, "I want an adjustment like you gave her" (referring to the older, thin woman).  Jon Cryer's character looks appalled and disgusted, and shakes his head no.  She replies, "I want a raise and dental insurance or the adjustment." Jon Cryer's character looks torn (the audience laughs), and then he says, "Step into my office" and the episode ends with him closing the door.

This begs the question...why did the audience laugh even when nothing was said? The fact is that this society looks down on plus size woman.  The reason why the audience laughed was because a plus-size woman proposited Jon Cryer's character.  Jon Cryer's character says that he feels cheap when the thin, older woman pays him, but he does agree to continue his services.  But, he is appalled at the idea of a plus size woman making a pass at him....and so the audience laughs because why would a thin man like Cryer ever go for a plus size woman.  The idea of a woman's size becomes comical, I find this horrendous.  If an audience laughs when words are not said, does it make it right?

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Carpe Diem....Vive La Femme!

Shopping has the potential to be an euphoric experience...the burst of colors, new lines, and gorgeous accessories creates that deep "breath in and breath out", blissful happiness that comes with purchasing a new outfit...if you choose your store wisely.  If by chance, you walk into a store that does not carry "your size," than shopping can leave you feeling enraged, frustrated and forgetting to breathe.  It becomes not a pleasurable experience, but in fact a nightmare....the sales person (looking a little afraid) suggests some "lovely scarves" as you longingly gaze at the silk dresses that mock you as you walk by.

 Left to my own devices, I would like to believe that any woman should be able to walk into any store and be able to find her size in something beyond accessories, especially since the average size woman is a size 14.  But, far be it from me to wish sanity and prosperity on the retail society.  Having experienced the angst of not being able to purchase anything besides purses or earrings in certain stores, I know that I cannot live in the perfect shopping mall experience that I seek.  But, there is something even better! The world of boutiques!

Vive La Femme is a fabulous plus size boutique located in Bucktown (Chicago, IL).  It is a wonderful spot! The vibe is very welcoming and the clothing is divine! From occasion wear to lounge wear, Vive La Femme has it all, ranging in sizes 12-24.  They carry Iggi, ComfyUSA, Karen Kane and Redskew, among others.  Redskew is made by a local Chicago woman who creates architectural influenced skirts and dresses...each piece is very unique. Vive La Femme also has a shoe connection for feet sizes 7-13! The shop is called Kathryn Kerrigan Shoe Boutique and is located right across the street! All of the staff is very friendly and would never dare to suggest only a scarf, but they just may say it goes great with the rest of the outfit you're trying on! Carpe Diem!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

You can do sidebends or sit-ups...Crescendo at StyleMax

I discovered the Crescendo brand at the blessed StyleMax event this past April.  Crescendo has finally created a solution to what so many women (myself included) struggle with....the dreaded "gap" in the back of jeans or dress pants.  It is a constant battle in the dressing room....the feverish search for something, anything to fit! One often hears the common sound of "bounce, bounce bounce" of a fellow shopper in the next dressing room over...trying to somehow squeeze her beautiful body into a size that would fit her waist perfectly (she's certain of it), if only she could get that stubborn denim up past her she bounces...then she "House of Pain styles it-Jumps Around".  Exhausted, and ego now cast in an insulting denim blue colored bruise, she casts off the cursed jeans that she knows only wish to hug her waist.  Defeated, and disappointed, she purchases the jeans that fit her glorious hips, and submits to either folding over the waist band, or just putting up with the "gap."

Enter Crescendo-a fresh new brand that is sure to become the hero to every woman that has tried to combat the "gap!"  Crescendo Apparel  has created clothing to  fit and flatter women with a pear shape body...with a small waist, and full hips! Hip, hip hooray! They have created clothing in size 0-20, and also petites with a range of denim, dress pants, blazers, dresses, cardigans and more.  They want to give women a "new-found confidence gained from finally finding a fashion that fits!" This is music to my ears! They have beautiful colors and textures and fantastic lines! The pants and denim are made of extra sturdy fabric to hold up for many, many wears.  The shirts and tops are tailored, yet roomy enough so as not to strangle the bust.  They also specialize in making custom made tops for women with very large busts.  Crescendo is going to be the brand that "real" women look to because it fits our bodies exactly as they are.  Imagine that.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Karen Kane, Inc. at StyleMax

Oh...the mighty StyleMax...a small mecca in the middle of the Midwest..takes place in the Second City-Chicago.  Stepping off of the luminous gold elevators that continue to hold the delighted expressions of those long after they have stepped off onto floor 7 like masquerade masks at the beginning of a most exquisite ball, which is exactly what this is.  The delectable scents of Italian leather shoes and the swish of chiffon are as overpowering as rich, red wine and chocolate souffle, and are eaten up by the senses just as quickly.  Such joy in being lost in the maze of beautiful things, more like a mediation labyrinth raising your consciousness rather than fearing coming face to face with the manitor.  Weaving in and out between fellow buyers clad in splashes of bold beauty and distinct precision, we are like a walking, breathing, ever changing loom of colors.  Manuevering between the aisles, I spot a flag ship, a familiar face in the glorious sea of designers, Karen Kane, Inc.

Karen Kane, Inc. may not be the flashiest of designers, but she is consistent.  She is consistent in continually bringing classic, ready to wear pieces to the table.  She is movement in motion, painting the body in grace and ease, comfort and style.  Her pieces are easy to mix and match.  She combines classic pieces with pops of limited fall season colors.  She showcases emerald green, lace, animal print, royal blue, and rich browns for her fall line.  I love Karen Kane because they carry sizes XS-2X in many different items.  I have my eye on the deep v lace dress with the black pea coat with faux fur color.  Oh, how I love the fall lines!