Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Behind the Curve: Halle Berry

Now we've all wanted to dress so hot, to be so hot that men want to fight over us. I get that. To have two men--a fiance and an ex-boyfriend--fighting over us is probably soaked in drama and unhealthiness. But, having a fiance and and ex-boyfriend fight over you in the presence of your four year old daughter, is just downright nutty.

That's just what happened in Halle Berry's house on Thanksgiving Day when the father of her daughter, Gabriel Aubry dropped off daughter, Nala. Olivier Martinez and Aubry got into a fist fight in the presence of Nala.

Now, I know that some will disagree with me as I lay the blame for this fight at Halle's feet. Hot headed men, can be emotional and uncontrollable. But, Halle should have known better than to have her current lover, and her ex-lover meet and interact with each other during a most contentious custody dispute. The fight, could have been avoided by having Aubry drop Nala off at a neutral location or having Martinez leave for a bit while the drop off took place.

Halle Berry. She has mastered poise, class and fabulousness in fashion. At 46, she looks better than just about every working actress in their 20s. But, because she helped create an unhealthy environment which lead to the two men in her life fighting over her young daughter, she is behind the curve this week.

Holiday Look: Sparkle in Sequins

Ladies, we all know that sequins can be sassy, but there is that fine line between sassy and mermaid style sequins, and we definitely want to avoid the latter.  Here are a few of my favs below to let you really shine(in a good way) for the holidays.
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Minnie's Gone Skinny?! Looney Tunes and Barneys New York Partner for Holiday Collection

So, Disney has agreed to partner with Barneys in the 2012 Holiday collection, but after the collaboration, the Tunes are looking….well. a little looney, to say the least.  According to Women's Wear Daily, Barneys collaborated with Disney to take their characters into a realistic fashion world for their "Electric Holiday" campaign, set to debut at their Madison Avenue flagship store on November 14. The highlight is a film, also debuting about Minnie Mouse's fantasy to attend Paris fashion week. As such, our favorite animated characters have ditched their signature garments for high-end clothing to wear down the runway. 

Barneys' creative director Dennis Freedman said their makeovers were a collaborative effort with Disney. "The animator and I sat next to each other and went over every detail of the clothes - how they're made, what material, how they would move - to get them as accurate as we possibly could," Freedman told WWD. He even brought in a model so they could study her movements and facial expressions and apply them to the illustrations. "When we got to the moment when all Disney characters walk on the runway, there was a discussion. The standard Minnie Mouse will not look so good in a Lanvin dress." 

All I can say is, really?!  Do we really live in a place where even the cartoons need to be 5' 11" with their heads out weighing their bodies? What happened to the lovable Minnie and sassy Daisy that can work that waddle?  I think it is really unfortunate that Barneys feels that the need turn a childhood favorite into something that does not even resemble a shadow of that memory.  What are they telling everyone out there,especially young children, by photo shopping even the cartoons. Shame on Barneys for not letting Minnie and Daisy be who they really are!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Faux What?

In news that should make us all angry and a bit relieved all at the same time, China has just arrested 73 people for their part in a faux luxury bag manufacturing ring.
The ring manufactured around a million faux Lois Vuitton, Coach and Hermes' bags.  Chinese authorities confiscated about 20,000 of said bags when they arrested the ring.
I'm not a tough on crime kind of gal, but if ever the proverbial book should be thrown at someone, the faux bag ring leaders are justifiable targets.  Ladies, say it with me: making faux Coach is a crime.
But, to lighten the spirits, here are my winter bag picks:
The Clutch

The Tote

The Satchel

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The Crossbody

Monday, November 19, 2012

Calvin Klien Ain't No Friend of Mine...Or Are They?

In the 1980s, perennial hip hop group Run DMC famously noted in a song of theirs, that "Calvin Klein ain't no friend of mine..."
In the 1980s that was true.  Hip Hop and the establishment were not friends.  But, in the 1980s a lot of things--the threat of nuclear war, Parachute Pants, and mullets, were also true.
But, we live in a new age.  Lil' Wayne is doing commercials for Mountain Dew, Diddy and Jay Z have their own liquor labels, and Dr. Dre has his own high end headphones.  I think it's safe to safe that hip hop and the establishment like each other now.
This new age has also allowed Calvin Klein to get cozy with curvy women and women of all sizes.  Look at these new additions from Calvin Klein:

A few short years ago, I wouldn't have been able to write this because Calvin Klein wasn't offering clothing for curvy women.  These are fabulous additions to the wardrobe, which make Calvin a friend of ours.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Should Macy's Pull it's Trump Card?

It is no secret that this is my favorite time of the year.  The air is brisk, snow is about to fall, and at any given moment, one can smell gingerbread, sugar cookies and other baked goods baking in carefully decorated homes.  Sleds are cleaned up and readied, stockings are hung on the chimney with, well, yes, care, and people are friendlier, if not downright jovial at this time of year. 
If you think this my romanticized notion of this time of year is a little Norman Rockwell, you're probably right.  But, I love this time of year.
Macy's commercials are one of the most reliable signs that the holiday season is in full effect.  Macy's commercials with their bright colors, witty dialogue, and general holiday cheer, notify all of us that the holiday season is here.  They are billed as "magic" and almost always deliver.  And Macy's holiday commercials usually features some of the most notable entertainers.  Diddy, Kimora, and the 'Bibes (yea, this is really happening) have all made appearances in them.
This year, as in many years past, Macy's holiday commercial features Donald Trump making an off colored, although witty joke about his political leanings.  For those of you who don't follow the Donald, he has been frothing at the mouth for the last 18 months, as he claims the president of the United States was not born in the United States--he has demanded to see the president's birth certificate, college transcripts and applications, his Mickey Mouse Club membership card and so on...

So as seen below, he makes light of this little fact in the commercial, which has caused a few people (see here) to ask Macy's to sever ties with Trump.

What do you think? 

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Behind the Curve: Victoria Secret


Old Westerns had plots that were as predictable as they were thin.  There were some "cowboys" and there were some "Indians."  The cowboys were always the good guys, with the sun in their faces, and the wind at their backs.  And they were always, fighting and conquering and outsmarting the Indians, who were uncivilized savages.

The Indians in these westerns, always talked in broken English.  "How," an Indian, bathed in stereotypical Native garb, would say when he or she greeted someone.  Sigh.  It was an ugly time in American cinema history.

But, today I say "how," not as a greeting, but rather as a question to lingerie designer, Victoria's Secret.  How did they make the decision to send a model down the run way, wearing Native headgear?  Who okayed this?  Who thought this was a good idea?

So even if people responsible for making these kinds of decisions at Victoria's Secret didn't know that the sacred nature of Native headdress or why it's worn (see here) it's so irresponsible to believe that it's okay for a woman prancing around in panties and a bra should wear it.

Victoria's Secret.  Insensitive.  Behind the times.  They are behind the curve this week.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Preppy, Peppy Peplums

It's never too early to start planning for entertaining for the holidays. Dinners, cocktail parties, New Year's Eve celebrations, even religious services.

My pick for this holiday season's entertaining is the peplum dress. The peplum, originally an outer shawl worn by women in ancient Greece, is now a jazzy, fun and flirty dress that is appropriate for all of our holiday celebrations and events. With medium, to high heels, the peplum dress deserves our curves.
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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Mr. McConaughey….We Can't See You!

Matthew McConaughey has made his bread and butter with the beef cake role.  Granted, he may not have always played the most intellectual roles, or is the most talented of actors, but we don't care! We just want to see him work the H-U-N-K role that he broke into the scene with, and what has continued to get him roles and fanship. But, what does he do now? He channels Twiggy's 2nd cousin, and dwindles to a shadow of his former self.  Come on, man! It's time to wrap that movie up, and grab a big, juicy steak!

A beef steak, that is!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Oh the Weather Outside is Frightful....Cozy Up!

Some things, are so complex they need lots of explanation. The Doppler Effect. The Arecemedies Principle. President Obama's thoughtful healthcare initiave. Why Lindsey Lohan is still acting.

But some things are so clear, they need little or no explanation. Like these. Lingere for the curvy. As the weather is getting frightful, the right lingere, by the right fireplace, with the right somebody, can be so delightful.
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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Be Cute and Cozy this winter…Sweater Dresses

Ladies, you do not have to give up your style when the snowflakes start to fall.  Layering and sweater dresses are a great way to go to keep that cute look beneath a vest or coat. Here are a few of my favorites that you can pair with knee high boots and tights to help you work it in the winter months.