Monday, October 24, 2011

5 Fabulous Shoes for All Figures

Oh, the joy of Fall and the return of closed toed shoes, suede, and more! Here are five must haves for the season:

Leopard Print Booties

Bright Colored Pumps
Enzo Angiolini $89.95 comes in a size 12
Let your footwear do the talking and have it be the focus of your outfit

Menswear Inspired
Menswear is back again this season, and it is so fun to merge the masculine with the feminine.  Add a little femininity to these shoes (lace or cashmere) and you will be set

Embellished flats
Just because you're not in heels doesn't mean you still can't be sassy! Play around with textures and embellishments for your flats  ALL BLACK Women's Feather Bow Flast $125.00

Knee High Black Boot
I have a hard time finding a knee high boot to fit my calves, but Zappos does carry some extra wide calf boots (18") that get the job done. Pair them with skirts, leggings, or jeans. RSVP $99.00

With these 5 styles in your closet, you are sure to have your shoe wardrobe covered! Now take your new shoes out for a walk!

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