Thursday, January 30, 2014

Grammy Fashion Round up

Ok. We all know The Grammys is less about the fashion and more about the music. To be honest, even less about the music and more about the after parties. 

And this year is no exception.  It seemed most stars were competing to see who could be more tacky (yes, I'm talking about you Madonna). 

But here's the roundup of the best dressed on the Grammy red carpet:

Beyonce-- a curve-hugging, white floral see-through, mermaid by Costello. 

Miranda Lambert-- the red plunging gown made her look all sultry and torch songstressey. Very nice. 

Not a fan of Taylor, but she put it together here. A silver Gucci full length gown. Say it with me, "classy is...classy."

Kacey Musgraves dazzled in this pink Armani layered dress.  It was almost enough dress to hide the bad ass back tattoo. Almost. 

And last but not least, Queen Latifah. Hot bod. Stunning off-the-shoulder little black dress. Officiated the marriages of 34 couples who love each other. What is not to love? Seriously. 

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