Sunday, June 12, 2011

Igigi Me!

Ladies! No longer do we have to hide in dowdy, tent-like monstrosities! No more being grateful for finding something, anything that fits! With Igigi, we are able to find many things that fit perfectly, and allow us to show off our assets!

Igigi, by Yuliya Raquel, is true to its slogan! Her clothes are sexy and sophisticated and she offers her clothing in sizes 12-32.  Her line consists of wedding attire, dresses, separates, and accessories! How refreshing to find someone who believes in offering quality, beautiful clothing! Another great trait about Igigi, is that these clothes are designed for different body types.  Just click on the item, and it will show what body types it fits best.  They offer 7 different body types to choose from, with helpful descriptions to help you figure out which body type you are.  Igigi is a breathe of fresh air! Now, the only problem you will have is deciding on which dress to wear!

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