Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Celebrity Moms-Too Fat?!? Are You Kidding Me!

So what's with the world pressuring celebrities who have just had babies to loose weight? We have all seen it. Some magazine, some television magazine, or somebody on the internet tracking (rather obsessively, I believe) women in the public eye and their journey to loose weight after giving birth. For some--like Beyonce, Celine Dion, and Maggie Gyllenhaal--it is a charmed journey--they loose the weight seamlessly and are back out performing or acting or singing in no time. The people paid to watch them and report on their journey to loose weight after they give birth, get to report on how "fabulous" these women look and how they were able to loose the weight.

For others however, it is not so charmed. Some women in the public eye have either had some difficulties loosing the weight or have been unwilling to loose the weight after they have given birth...and they are skewered for it. Like Brittney Spears or Jessica Simpson...or Aishwarya Rai. Called the "most beautiful actress in the world" before her pregnancy, gave birth last year and is now the subject of some very mean-spirited criticism for her refusal to loose weight seven months after she has given birth. In fact, there is a website that shows a picture of pre-pregnancy Rai, and her morphing into an elephant. The elephant is supposed to be Ms. Rai after birth. That's right, an elephant. Wow.

In addition to the fact that she looks as hot as ever with the new body size, the medical community is on her side on this one. Doctors suggest that mothers (especially those who are breast feeding) should not diet or deliberately try to loose weight, but rather work on healthy food choices and exercise.

It's hard enough being a new mom. They are sleep-deprived, overwhelmed, stressed, and uncertain sometimes. the last thing they need are some meanies telling them to loose weight and calling them fat or equating them to elephants if they don't.

I salute Aishwarya Rai and all the new mothers in the world. I am giving them all a big hug and a virtual babysitter, so they can have a night on the town. And here's what I suggest the new mothers wear on their night out:

Enjoy yourself whether it's a more casual or dressy occasion! With the right shoes and accessories, you'll be able to work anything! Celebrate your motherhood!

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