Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Fashion Police Have Made An Arrest-Jeremy Scott Adidas Ankle Cuff Sneaker

Edgy shoe designer, Jeremey Scott, designed a high top, basketball shoe that, as shown above, comes equipped with shackles to cuff around the ankles. The idea, according to Adidas, was that the shoe is so hot, that they have to be shackled to your ankles to keep from getting stolen right off your feet.  This concept is horrifically completed with copy that oozes with stereotypes of urban youth.  The marketing campaign for the shoe, was as inappropriate as the gaudy monstrosities that they are trying to sell. Not only does it evoke images of American slavery, it makes light of shoes theft-a trend that has proven deadly in some instances.

Feeling the pressure from an irate, well, everyone, Adidas pulled the shoe from the market.  In my opinion, it was just in time.  I get that Adidas wants to be bold and make a statement with the shoe.  But, this is not the right statement, or the right shoe.

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