Monday, July 9, 2012

A Fashion Hole in One...

I am not really a fan of golf, but I have played a few rounds and I certainly know who's hot and who's not on the both the men's and ladies' tours this year.

Michelle Wie, created waves this past weekend at the LPGA Tour, not necessarily for what she shot on the golf course (she disappointed fans with a 78.  For non-golf people, that's not good at all), but rather what she wore of the course.  Shown above, she wore a purple, figure-hugging, shirt dress.
It was fabulous, to be sure.  It goes without saying that golf fashion, particularly for the LPGA is most conservative, so Wie's purple was a bold and radical move. 
Serena Williams has gotten the world, if not the tennis world used to bold, fabulous wardrobe moves on the tennis court.  Is the world ready for Wie's new bold fashion on the golf course? Let's stay tuned...

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