Sunday, July 1, 2012

A Size 6 is Now Considered Plus Size?!?! Are You Kidding Me?!!!!!

Denise Bidot, who has been taking the plus size modeling industry by storm.  She has been working it for the likes of Monif C, Igigi, and Nordstroms, among many others.  She recently sat down with Yahoo Shine to shed some like on the shift in the modeling industry and to let curvy girls know everywhere that size 6 models are often times, now modeling plus size clothing.  "Twenty years ago, the average model was eight percent smaller than the average American woman -but today, models are 23 percent tinier than the rest of us. Want proof? According to Denise Bidot, a popular plus-size model and recent cover girl, size-six women often model what are supposed to be size-14 samples for plus-size catalogs"  Shine Interview

Bidot wanted to bring this to the forefront to let people know this is not ok, and to remind curvy women that "when it comes to their bodies, it's all about being the size that's healthy for YOU, not what the fashion and advertising worlds expect you to be." Well said, Denise!   I am appalled by the fashion industry trying to give us some cockeyed presentation of what plus size fashion is. How are we supposed to know how a dress is going to look on a curvy body, if the body in the dress has to be clipped into it? I think it is unacceptable and infuriating! It's right up there with stores only being willing to offer sizes 14-20 online, but refuse to offer them in the store, even though those are the sizes that sell out the fastest!

-Cosmo says your fat, but I ain't down with that! Sir Mix-A Lot has been speaking the truth for 2 full decades! It's such a shame the fashion industry is so short sighted. 

You need curves to make these outfits look good! Now get out there and work!

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