Monday, March 4, 2013

Mod-the Golden Age of Fashion

If ever there was anything close to the golden age of fashion, the Mod trend has to be somewhere in there.

The Mod fashion trend began in the United Kingdom in the mid 1950s, specifically in the East End of London as an entire sub culture.

Young, White working class boys and girls who were drawn to jazz, reggae and other aspects of African American culture, started calling themselves "Mods" or modernists, the term used to described jazz lovers at the time.

These young lovers of jazz and Black culture began dressing in well fitting, Italian suits and dresses with colors and stripes.

The Mod fashion trend became popular with the rest of the United Kingdom by the mid 1960s before giving way to the Hippie subculture.

If you saw any highlights of last week's fashion week, you know that Mod is back in a big way. Several designers showed off Mod-inspired lines.

This is a very good development for curvy figures. The sharp cuts, and block colors of the Mod trend accents beautiful, thick and shapely curves well.

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