Friday, March 1, 2013

She Gettin' Paper...

On Tuesday, Martha Stewart will be in court.  But, this time she won't be facing criminal charges.  She is facing charges of infidelity.

At least that's how the people at Macy's look at it.  Last year, Martha and about 11 of her staffers began designing for JC Penny's and the executives at Macy's were "shocked" and appalled to find out that she was designing behind their back, two-timing them even.

And Macy's did what some scorned boyfriends would do--they stalked her and harassed her by filing a lawsuit against her.  Claiming that Macy's broke the "exclusivity" clause of her Macy's contract, Macy's sued looking for blood, or closure, or their girlfriend to stop keeping time with JC Penny's.

Whatever, Macy's really wants will be revealed in a short while.  Let's hope Macy's doesn't start leaving little nasty notes on Martha's Facebook page or tweeting how JC Penny's is some home wrecker in the meantime.

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