Thursday, February 20, 2014

Rihanna to Fashion World: Ditch the Bra...or not

Rihanna is a pretty mess. She has an incredible bone structure, a pretty righteous bod and lovely eyes. 

Some days, she looks as poised and classic as a princess. But other days, she looks like she pulled herself out of a gutter after a night of swashbuckling and carousing. 

Well, her recent fashion advice to Vogue may offer some insight for why she's a pretty mess. 

Rihanna confided to the stalwart fashion magazine that she likes to wear either a bra, or a top but not both. 

She also intimated that she has a thing for baggy men's clothes. 

Now, why hide such beauty under these fashion choices?  from the Vogue March 2014 photo shoot

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