Friday, February 7, 2014

Their Posse's on Broadway...PETA Hits Joe Namath for Superbowl Wear

I watched the Superbowl last Sunday. And I knew as soon as Joe Namath strutted out on the field wearing a three-quarter length fur coat, there was going to be an uproar. 

Not many celebrities have the audacity to sport fur nowadays. The forces that be have pretty much made the act of wearing it as shameful as attending a concert featuring Kenny G, Michael Bolton and Nickelback while wearing Mom Jeans. 

But, enter Joe Namath in all his furry glory. And we shouldn't have been the least surprised by his choice in coats. Since his playing days with the New York Jets in the 1960s, Broadway Joe has been known to wear a fur or two. 

PETA has unleashed unbridled outrage at Namath calling him an embarrassment and referring to his coat as a "cave persons."

I get that PETA wants to protect defenseless animals. I applaud that. But at 70, Namath looked pretty dazzling out there on the field, didn't he?

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