Saturday, May 14, 2011

BridesMaids the movie pre-viewing...Are they trying to say she's a pig or a person?!?!

The movie Bridesmaids is supposed to be the movie that turns romantic comedies on its head, that rebuttals the all mighty classification of "chic flick" that shows that women can be goofy, gross, and still maintain their femininity, but do they mean "all" women? I don't think so.

 If you look at the characters in the movie, you can see that there is a separation between the plus-size friend and the rest of the friends.  As my good friend points out, you can see the physical separation between the plus-size friend and the rest of the friends, right on the ad for this movie.  The "big" girl is left standing out on her own, barely in the ad, while the rest of the friends are huddled in together. 

Also, the plus-size woman is not given any fashionable clothes or make up in this movie, while everyone else is well dressed and polished.  It seems as though the producers realized that they probably shouldn't have the plus-size woman totally defeminized, so they threw on a snug fitting pearl necklace, in a last ditch effort to give her some "girly" quality that the rest of the thin characters have.  My good friend states it perfectly by saying, "adding that pearl necklace is like putting lipstick on a pig." I feel like the producers don't feel that this woman, because she is plus-sized, deserves to be given the same assumed rights of femininity that the rest of the female cast automatically assumes. 

There is a trailer that shows the plus-size character hitting on a man, and he is totally disgusted by her. He cannot believe that she is hitting on him.  Her girlfriends are laughing at their plus-size friend, while she is hitting on this man.  What kind of friends are those?  What is that scene and this movie saying to everyone? That that kind of behavior is ok? That you should be grateful that a plus-size woman is featured in the movie, and too bad if you don't like it that she is the butt of the joke? The producers will use the defense that she is the "bad ass character," but, I am not buying it.  I think this is just another example of how this society thinks that plus-size women are should be valued  less than "normal" size women and that it is ok to treat plus size women poorly. 

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