Monday, May 30, 2011

Be BOLD not bashful at the beach! With Monif C Swimwear

Plus size women should not hide behind shapeless wraps, and frumpy swimwear.  We should not feel the need to cringe when we think of going to the beach...if we're going to go to the beach...let's go to the damn beach! And, lets dress like we're going there! Give me a little pizazz! Not long pants and a long sleeve shirt...that's not beach attire! We don't deserve to swim in pools of sweat, while others get to enjoy a refreshing dip! Claim your space! Get a little sand...and claim yourself!

Enter Monif C Swimwear.  Monif C is amazing! I admire her very much! She have given plus size women a voice, and it is a powerful one! She makes the most beautiful clothing with stunning lines and bold pops of color! She continues to be a favorite at the yearly Full Figure Fashion Week, and everywhere else! Check out her swimsuits, and a great interview at

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