Sunday, May 22, 2011

No matter how you word's still lipstick on a pig. Review of BridesMaids after viewing

I continue to ponder the movie, BridesMaids.  After having seen the movie, my thoughts are still the same.   There are a few scenes from the movie, that really stand out to me.

The restaurant scene where they have the plus size character "gallop" towards the restaurant, ahead of the rest of the group, like she can't control herself, once she sees the possibility of food, of the opportunity of being able to eat.  Once they are seated at the restaurant, a thin bridesmaid makes a comment that she's not going to eat any meat because she doesn't want to feel bloated before the fitting.  The plus size character responds, "That she physically doesn't bloat (her plate is piled high with meat, the thin women has a salad on her plate) that it's a gift."  The audience laughs out loud at this statement.  Why is that funny? Why does it make it ok to equate bloating with the plus size woman's shape?

In the fitting scene, the plus size character is the only who is fitted in a long sleeve, long length dress.  The other bridesmaids are wearing skin baring dresses. There's also a scene where the plus size character hits on a man on the plane very aggressively, and he looks disgusted.  She is very aggressive and vulgar.  The audience erupted in laughter.  If a thin bridesmaid would have been substituted in for the plus size bridesmaid, would the audience have reacted the same way? I think not...I think the audience would say that because the substituted bridesmaid was thin, it makes these same "vulgar, aggressive" acts, turn into "hot, dominating" acts, all because of how the character is portrayed. 

The producers, in their defense, would point to the scene where the plus size character goes to motivate Wig's character.  She is the only one of the bridesmaids to go and check on her.  She gives a motivating, yet unfeminine "fight club" style speech.  The plus size character shares her story of struggle with Wig's character, which ends with the plus size character saying that because of her struggle, she has become wildly successful.."you are your own problem, and your own solution" she states in the movie.  I feel that this is another "lipstick" portion of the show.  True, it is very motivating to see that she has become very successful, but why portray her so poorly throughout the rest of the show? Why berate her femininity, in order to show that she is strong.  Why can't you have a plus size woman be portrayed as both sexy and strong?

Regardless of this "golden nugget" that the producers "kindly bestow" on the plus size character, the audience is left with an upsetting last scene.  The scene is the plus size character, and the man she hit on, are making a sex tape.  But, of course, since this is the plus size character, there must be food involved, even in a sex tape.  It is a giant sub sandwich that holds that plus size characters attention.  She makes a move on the sandwich, before she makes a move on the man.  The audience erupts in laughter.  Why is this funny?

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