Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A Bold New Take on the Suit....Body Suit, that is!

The bodysuit. Sexy. Sleek. Pretty...and even a little naughty.

For years, these babies have been reserved for the bedroom (else elsewhere in the house), or under a dress or blouse to accentuate, contain or hold stuff in place.

There has been a trend, however, recently to wear a bodysuit as the main dish, the way we would wear jeans, jazzy slacks or a cute dress. We've seen Britney and Beyonce both rock the one-piece lacy wonder. And now, Jennifer Lopez (Don't make me say "JLo") is pouring her curves into them, as seen above.

Like, tight jeans, spandex, and the color red, bodysuits aren't for everyone. It takes a bold soul and major bod to rock a bodysuit effectively.

So, if you've made decision to wear aa bodysuit, here is a checklist of things you should know before you leave your apartment:

1) Always carry a jacket. You can use it to frame your suit or to make a bold entrance when you take your coat off. 
2) Check appropriateness. A bodysuit is okay for the club, but not dinner with the mayor.
3) Accessorize.
4)  Handle stares with aplomb. Women and men will stare. Not always for taudry reasons or because you appear to be a vamp waiting to steal their man, but because your choice is bold. Live in that for a while. Put your chin up and be confident.

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