Friday, December 2, 2011

Work What Your Mama Gave Ya....Taking On the Skinny Jean

Hi all.  I have been battling my love/hate relationship with the skinny jean for quite some time, as they have become a fashion staple.  I love the ease of the skinny jean! They are so comfortable and quick! They look so sexy with a high heeled boot, flats, or booties.  Booty...that is where my dilemma comes in.  I have one, a curvy one in fact, which I am very happy about. But, the battle of the booty and the skinny jean can be quite obvious at times.  I like wearing clothes that emphasize my shape, but I want to make sure that it's emphasizing, in a good way. I know that the boot cut jean is the curvy girls best friend, but if you do feel the need to wear a skinny (I do not care for the name at all) jean, keep the following things in mind.  Make sure to go with a dark wash, make sure that the skinny jean has a high enough rise, and the it is form fitting enough to keep everything looking streamline, but not so  tight that you look like you're from the 80s.  Here are a few of my favorites: Not Your Daughter's Jeans $98.00 Baby Phat $49.00 Michael Kors $79.50

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