Sunday, January 1, 2012

5 of the Best Dressed of 2011..They've Got Style, Class, and Sass!

As we partake in the first day of the new year, I wanted to reflect on 5 of the best dressed of 2011.  There were many to choose from, but I feel that the five women below bring their own personal style to the clothing that they wear, and a few of them even design it!

The First Lady Michelle Obama-ever since the world has been introduced to the First Lady, she has never disappointed.  Not only is she making wonderful and amazing strides with our country and the world, she consistently continues to wow with her wardrobe, as well.  The thing that I really like is that she is not afraid to  incorporate pieces from all different price points, from J. Crew to Jason Wu, the First Lady effortlessly combines these pieces to keep her classic and timeless looks always on point!

Queen Latifah-Queen Latifah is a force to be reckoned with. She is a multi-media, multi-talented, madly successful woman, with an excellent sense of style! She is bringing her style to the masses along with a message, "remove plus-size from the style-vocabulary" and replace it with "all sizes."The Queen has created her own clothing line, and makes it available to a large array of sizes.  She certainly has put her money where her mouth is! She has looked fabulous for years and is now sharing the beauty of her fashion with all!

Emma Watson-I must give credit to the girl who was able to become larger that her Harry Potter character.  With such a show stopping success, it is sometimes difficult for actors/actresses to move beyond their big break, or be pigeon holed into one type of role.  This actress was able to shake her role and evolve into a fashion forward "one to watch" actress and model. She chopped her hair and has modeled for Burberry and was on the cover of Vogue.  She continues to delight and surprise on her red carpet events and beyond.

Beyonce-Talk about a woman who knows how to celebrate her curves! Beyonce is never one to shy away from bodysuits or mini skirts, and knows exactly what works for her! She is bold in the colors and shoes that she wears and never apologies, nor should she! She also knows how to rock a suit and you can tell that she pays special attention to the details! You can tell that she and her mom own their own clothing company, House of Dereon! They offer both timeless, and trendy pieces as well as accessories and footwear.  Beyonce continues to be a trending fashion force even throughout her pregnancy! She shows pregnant women that you can be fashion forward all while starting a family!

Melissa McCarthy-Here is a woman who knows how to fuse fun and fashion.  She has been a comedian and cast in supporting roles for many years. She also plays "Molly" on the hit TV show, Mike and Molly, and has also had her big breakout role in the movie, Bridesmaids. In 2011, she received her first Emmy award[7] for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series for her role on Mike & Molly.  In June 2011, she hosted the Women in Film Crystal + Lucy Awards.[8] She appeared as the host of Saturday Night Live on Saturday, October 1, 2011.  She is also planning on launching her own fashion line sometime this year.  She has been sewing for years, and designed her dress for the Emmys, with the help of couture designer, Daniella Pearl. 

Who are your fashion favorites from 2011? Here's to a joyful and fashionable 2012!

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