Thursday, January 12, 2012

Oh, The Weather Outside is Frightful...

This winter we have been living on borrowed time, so to speak ,with the weather. It has been so nice and so temperate, we haven't had the need to talk winter fashion. Well, now that Mother Nature has dropped the other proverbial foot with fresh snowstorms in much of the country, it's probably time to have the winter fashion talk.

Let's start with coats:

The classic P-Coat is always in style, but particularly fashionable this moment.
The name peacoat comes from the type of material that the coat is made of. It was called pilot cloth, which eventually became known as "Pee" cloth. Sailors first called them pea jackets and then just peacoats. They are made of 30-ounce wool, so they are very heavy and warm. I found a picture dated 1881 with some US sailors wearing peacoats, so the coat has been in Navy service for a long time.  $131.00

The Cashmere:

Soft, classic and bold, the cashmere three-quarter is always a good call. $59.99


Let's talk layers:

The Irish/Fair Isle sweater is as cosy and comforting as sheppard's pie

Bold colors are in:

Let's Talk Boots:

Now, you have no excuse not to look both cute and cozy! Let Winter be your wonderland!
Happy Shopping!

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