Thursday, February 9, 2012

Calling All Cupids...Valentine's Day Fashion

Okay ladies. Valentine's Day is sneaking up on us, and more than anything, this day of love is marred in cliches.

Either we are madly in love and all wrapped up in some David Beckham (didn't he look delicious in that Super Bowl ad?) looking guy, while our friends lament and complain about how much they never see us, or we are at home alone, bitter, sad and hating all things masculine and all things Valentine.

The clichés, done and redone in romantic comedies, have become clichés of themselves.

The fact is Valentine's Day is a time when we reflect and look at our love lives. Sometimes it's sad and lonesome and sometimes it's not at all.

This Valentine's Day, no matter what our romantic lives look like, rocking the right outfit can be empowering and make us feel great.

I have a few fabulous, empowering suggestions...

Embrace yourself! Love the you in the fabulous outfit!

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