Friday, February 3, 2012

Lady in Red...Show Stopping, and Heartfelt!

The color red. It's bold. It's daring. It's an attention grabber. When a city or town wants you to stop at an intersection, of course it posts a red stop sign. When a company wants you to notice its products or pay more attention to its advertising, it uses red font or red highlight. We give and receive red roses to get the attention of someone to whom we are attracted. When a guy want us to notice them (or at least their cars), they get red cars.

There is something about the color red in fashion, too. While it may be the color of romance and the color that accentuates curves, it is also very good at making us appear to others as attractive as we really are inside and out.

According to a scientific study, people--both men and women--find women who are wearing red more attractive. As if we needed another reason to find that red cocktail dress we keep in the back of the closet, today is the American Cancer Association's "Wear Red Day" to acknowledge that heart disease is the number one killer of women in this country, and to stand in solidarity with them, as we work to alleviate heart disease for all people.

Here are some women and fashions and women in fashions--all red--that I really love:

 Amber Riley from "Glee" looks absolutely stunning at the Golden Globes

Beautiful red dresses at the SAG awards

 Hilary Clinton in her power suit

 Oprah looking vibrant as she continues to pursue her never ending quest to help and educate

Oh, the power and strength of red! It can give those who wear it energy, confidence, and the courage to succeed! What is your favorite to way to wear red?

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