Friday, February 17, 2012

Zelda Kaplan...Living and Dying Doing What She Loved

We all hyperbole.  Especially about fashion.  I have been caught by my friends saying, "I would die for these shoes," or "I am so happy in this store.  Everything here fits me and looks fabulous on me.  I could just die here."

I say those things--only half serious--because like all of you, I love fashion.

Well,  she died doing exactly what she loved.  Fashion...

Zelda Kaplan. She has been a forever fixture in the world of fashion. At 95, she was still out there til the wee hours of the morning socializing and clubbing with friends. This spitfire had a love for live that few could rival and a dare I say, "passion for fashion" that most can only dream of.  She was vivacious, and fun. She was her own person, who was able to wed the love of fashion with the person that she was. 
Remember to channel a little Zelda Kaplan. Live life to its fullest, and celebrate the you, that is fashion!

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