Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Royal Hoodies...

Hoodies are almost always controversial in social culture. They are hip, urban, trendy and are seen as a symbol of a valid hip hop counter-culture. (Let's not tell Geraldo, okay?)

Wearing hoodies in the fashion world, I'm afraid to report, is also very controversial. Even for a queen to wear. Especially for a queen. This past weekend, Queen Elizabeth was spotted on the way back from a grouse hunting trip, driving one of her Range Rovers donned in a hoodie.

Some have accused the queen of having "swag" (I blame Twitter), while others have registered their bewilderment at the queen's wardrobe choice.

While, the queen's fashion choice is causing a stir, here are some other women who have rocked hoodies with success:

Grace Jones

Jane Russel

Queen Latifah


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