Thursday, February 28, 2013

Too Big For The Table? The Natural Healing Center Thinks So….

Laura Smith stopped into The Natural Healing Center for a massage (she had just completed a half marathon) but when she arrived she was told by the owner, " 'I'm really sorry, but you're just too fat for our table. You'll probably break [it] and have to pay for it."I'm really sorry, but you're just too fat for our table.  You'll probably break it, and have to pay for it." 

When Smith later called back, she said she learned that the tables were designed to support up to 500 pounds. Penny Wells, the owner of the Natural Healing Center, later told Fox 31 in Denver that a table had recently broken under a 165-pound man, which is why she was worried about Smith.

Personally, I don't care if Ms. Smith had never run a race in her life.  I think it is fantastic that she did, and admire her success.  But, regardless, if she has never owned a pair of gym shoes, it is not right that she was denied a massage, and it is awful that she was treated in such a deplorable manner. 
Ms. Smith is not letting anything stop her, " "But now [during] the moments that I don't want to go to the gym, I just think about the time somebody told me that I'm too fat to do something," she added. "I just think, 'I better get out of bed. I have another 5K to run.'"

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