Friday, April 22, 2011

Thick Thoughts....on Two and a Half Men Episode

A picture is worth a thousand words...and so is a facial expression.  Last night, I caught the tail end of an episode of Two and a Half Men, where Jon Cryer's character is upset and feels he has turned himself into a male prostitute because a thin, older women is paying him for his "pleasurable" chiropractic adjustments.  She offers him other "options" but Jon Cryer's character tells the older woman that he wants to continue receiving payment instead.  The receptionist at Jon Cryer's office, who is a plus size woman, and is portrayed in a very dowdy, unattractive way, is witness to the conversation between Jon Cryer and the older, thin woman.  The thin woman leaves, and the receptionist says to Jon Cryer, "I want an adjustment." He replies," your back bothering you?" She says, "I want an adjustment like you gave her" (referring to the older, thin woman).  Jon Cryer's character looks appalled and disgusted, and shakes his head no.  She replies, "I want a raise and dental insurance or the adjustment." Jon Cryer's character looks torn (the audience laughs), and then he says, "Step into my office" and the episode ends with him closing the door.

This begs the question...why did the audience laugh even when nothing was said? The fact is that this society looks down on plus size woman.  The reason why the audience laughed was because a plus-size woman proposited Jon Cryer's character.  Jon Cryer's character says that he feels cheap when the thin, older woman pays him, but he does agree to continue his services.  But, he is appalled at the idea of a plus size woman making a pass at him....and so the audience laughs because why would a thin man like Cryer ever go for a plus size woman.  The idea of a woman's size becomes comical, I find this horrendous.  If an audience laughs when words are not said, does it make it right?

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