Saturday, April 16, 2011

You can do sidebends or sit-ups...Crescendo at StyleMax

I discovered the Crescendo brand at the blessed StyleMax event this past April.  Crescendo has finally created a solution to what so many women (myself included) struggle with....the dreaded "gap" in the back of jeans or dress pants.  It is a constant battle in the dressing room....the feverish search for something, anything to fit! One often hears the common sound of "bounce, bounce bounce" of a fellow shopper in the next dressing room over...trying to somehow squeeze her beautiful body into a size that would fit her waist perfectly (she's certain of it), if only she could get that stubborn denim up past her she bounces...then she "House of Pain styles it-Jumps Around".  Exhausted, and ego now cast in an insulting denim blue colored bruise, she casts off the cursed jeans that she knows only wish to hug her waist.  Defeated, and disappointed, she purchases the jeans that fit her glorious hips, and submits to either folding over the waist band, or just putting up with the "gap."

Enter Crescendo-a fresh new brand that is sure to become the hero to every woman that has tried to combat the "gap!"  Crescendo Apparel  has created clothing to  fit and flatter women with a pear shape body...with a small waist, and full hips! Hip, hip hooray! They have created clothing in size 0-20, and also petites with a range of denim, dress pants, blazers, dresses, cardigans and more.  They want to give women a "new-found confidence gained from finally finding a fashion that fits!" This is music to my ears! They have beautiful colors and textures and fantastic lines! The pants and denim are made of extra sturdy fabric to hold up for many, many wears.  The shirts and tops are tailored, yet roomy enough so as not to strangle the bust.  They also specialize in making custom made tops for women with very large busts.  Crescendo is going to be the brand that "real" women look to because it fits our bodies exactly as they are.  Imagine that.

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