Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Carpe Diem....Vive La Femme!

Shopping has the potential to be an euphoric experience...the burst of colors, new lines, and gorgeous accessories creates that deep "breath in and breath out", blissful happiness that comes with purchasing a new outfit...if you choose your store wisely.  If by chance, you walk into a store that does not carry "your size," than shopping can leave you feeling enraged, frustrated and forgetting to breathe.  It becomes not a pleasurable experience, but in fact a nightmare....the sales person (looking a little afraid) suggests some "lovely scarves" as you longingly gaze at the silk dresses that mock you as you walk by.

 Left to my own devices, I would like to believe that any woman should be able to walk into any store and be able to find her size in something beyond accessories, especially since the average size woman is a size 14.  But, far be it from me to wish sanity and prosperity on the retail society.  Having experienced the angst of not being able to purchase anything besides purses or earrings in certain stores, I know that I cannot live in the perfect shopping mall experience that I seek.  But, there is something even better! The world of boutiques!

Vive La Femme is a fabulous plus size boutique located in Bucktown (Chicago, IL).  It is a wonderful spot! The vibe is very welcoming and the clothing is divine! From occasion wear to lounge wear, Vive La Femme has it all, ranging in sizes 12-24.  They carry Iggi, ComfyUSA, Karen Kane and Redskew, among others.  Redskew is made by a local Chicago woman who creates architectural influenced skirts and dresses...each piece is very unique. Vive La Femme also has a shoe connection for feet sizes 7-13! The shop is called Kathryn Kerrigan Shoe Boutique and is located right across the street! All of the staff is very friendly and would never dare to suggest only a scarf, but they just may say it goes great with the rest of the outfit you're trying on! Carpe Diem!


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