Thursday, September 13, 2012

Fashion's Night Out? For Size L or Less….

This week celebrates one of the most coveted weeks in the fashion world, 2013's Spring New York Fashion Week.  But, upon reviewing the evidence that allows one to loudly and proudly support and celebrate fashion week, specifically the  Fashion's Night Out Event (which is in its 4th year and is done on the Thursday Eve), leaves me feeling a little perplexed, a little irked.  The evidence that I noticed is that the Fashion's Night Out T-shirt, which is made specifically for this event, is only available in sizes XS-L.  Did I miss something? Are people who are not those particular sizes not "allowed" to partake in the Fashion's Night Festivities, or at least not claim to be associated with it? Really?!  Now, I know, I know, we plus-size gals finally got our "own"  fashion week, which is held every June (since 2009) and I cannot and will not rain on that parade. It truly is a wonderful triumph and a glorious celebration of real, beautiful women and the clothing that they make look fabulous! But, come on people, are you really not going to make a t-shirt, in a size larger than size L? I'm just saying…


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