Sunday, September 2, 2012

White After Labor Day…To Be or Not To Be….

Hi all, as we embrace the beginning of September and get ready to honor Labor Day with libations and cookout offerings, we are plagued with the age old question, "Can we wear white after Labor Day?"
For some, the answer may be a fierce and forceful no way! But, for others, myself included, think there is room for white to be worn after Labor Day.   In fact, wearing white after Labor Day can be fun way to infuse the crispness of white with the jewel tones for this Fall to create an even more vibrate visual contrast.  True, you will have to trade your sandals in for booties, cardigans, and leather jackets, in order to avoid looking like you can't let go of summer, but with all the wonderful choices out there, that won't be a problem at all. $128.00 wear with a white/cream blazer wear with a leather jacket $219.00
Have fun mixing different colors, textures, and patterns together as we transition from summer into Fall! Have a very safe and happy Labor Day!

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