Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Month of Hallow's Eve....Costume Ideas

Halloween is approaching and I thought I would put together some thoughts about costumes for busty and curvy women.  Oh sure this article could have come a little bit closer to Halloween, but I wanted to start making suggestions early.  If you are curvy like we are, the folks who design Halloween costumes don't do us any favors.  They attach the word "sexy" before any costume (sexy nurse, sexy devil and the sexy kitty) and expect us to swoon all over it.  Like we don't know the difference between sexy, and slutty.

Here are some suggestions I have for this year's Halloween that are jazzy, classy and will accent the curves:

The Snow White

Mother Nature

Mad Men dress



Greek Goddess Minerva

As always, I suggest we keep our curves out of the cliches (Marilyn Monroe, Cat Woman, or the Head Nurse) or anything that has the word "wench" or "sexy" in the name.

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