Wednesday, September 19, 2012

This Ain't No Rodeo...

I never thought I'd have to type this, ever, but cowboy boots are here. Once reserved for Boot-Scoot Boogiers, Jon Travolta in "Urban Cowboy," and sweaty country singers, the cowboy boot has made its way back into the mainstream of fashion apparently. As seen below at the Fashion Week, a number of models rocked them with shorter skirts or western wear attire.


I have nothing against the cowboy boot in and of itself. But, where other boots (think ankle-length boots or the simple black rider boots), are generally more versatile in they can be worn with several outfits for several diverse occasions, the cowboy boot generally looks good with some specific looks.

If you must indulge in this trend, I suggest skinny jeans or a peasant dress for a little more jazzy look.

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