Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Faux What?

In news that should make us all angry and a bit relieved all at the same time, China has just arrested 73 people for their part in a faux luxury bag manufacturing ring.
The ring manufactured around a million faux Lois Vuitton, Coach and Hermes' bags.  Chinese authorities confiscated about 20,000 of said bags when they arrested the ring.
I'm not a tough on crime kind of gal, but if ever the proverbial book should be thrown at someone, the faux bag ring leaders are justifiable targets.  Ladies, say it with me: making faux Coach is a crime.
But, to lighten the spirits, here are my winter bag picks:
The Clutch

The Tote

The Satchel

www.macys.com $358.00

The Crossbody

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