Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Behind the Curve: Halle Berry

Now we've all wanted to dress so hot, to be so hot that men want to fight over us. I get that. To have two men--a fiance and an ex-boyfriend--fighting over us is probably soaked in drama and unhealthiness. But, having a fiance and and ex-boyfriend fight over you in the presence of your four year old daughter, is just downright nutty.

That's just what happened in Halle Berry's house on Thanksgiving Day when the father of her daughter, Gabriel Aubry dropped off daughter, Nala. Olivier Martinez and Aubry got into a fist fight in the presence of Nala.

Now, I know that some will disagree with me as I lay the blame for this fight at Halle's feet. Hot headed men, can be emotional and uncontrollable. But, Halle should have known better than to have her current lover, and her ex-lover meet and interact with each other during a most contentious custody dispute. The fight, could have been avoided by having Aubry drop Nala off at a neutral location or having Martinez leave for a bit while the drop off took place.

Halle Berry. She has mastered poise, class and fabulousness in fashion. At 46, she looks better than just about every working actress in their 20s. But, because she helped create an unhealthy environment which lead to the two men in her life fighting over her young daughter, she is behind the curve this week.

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