Friday, November 16, 2012

Should Macy's Pull it's Trump Card?

It is no secret that this is my favorite time of the year.  The air is brisk, snow is about to fall, and at any given moment, one can smell gingerbread, sugar cookies and other baked goods baking in carefully decorated homes.  Sleds are cleaned up and readied, stockings are hung on the chimney with, well, yes, care, and people are friendlier, if not downright jovial at this time of year. 
If you think this my romanticized notion of this time of year is a little Norman Rockwell, you're probably right.  But, I love this time of year.
Macy's commercials are one of the most reliable signs that the holiday season is in full effect.  Macy's commercials with their bright colors, witty dialogue, and general holiday cheer, notify all of us that the holiday season is here.  They are billed as "magic" and almost always deliver.  And Macy's holiday commercials usually features some of the most notable entertainers.  Diddy, Kimora, and the 'Bibes (yea, this is really happening) have all made appearances in them.
This year, as in many years past, Macy's holiday commercial features Donald Trump making an off colored, although witty joke about his political leanings.  For those of you who don't follow the Donald, he has been frothing at the mouth for the last 18 months, as he claims the president of the United States was not born in the United States--he has demanded to see the president's birth certificate, college transcripts and applications, his Mickey Mouse Club membership card and so on...

So as seen below, he makes light of this little fact in the commercial, which has caused a few people (see here) to ask Macy's to sever ties with Trump.

What do you think? 

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