Monday, February 11, 2013

New York Fashion Week...Cats on the Catwalk?

New York Fashion Week showed that felines can give humans a run for their money on the catwalk. Five cats got to represent at New York Fashion Week, one, named Lily was used to set the pace for Tracy Reese's collection.

The cats went through rigorous training in leash walking and how to deal with lights, and loud music. But, the kicker is that although there were several cats considered, the deciding factors were the five cats with the best temperament and--get this--the best bodies got the job."It was important that we chose cats with a healthy body condition--not too much fat," Purina One spokesperson Nida Bockert told Yahoo Shine. Really lady? The cats can't have too much fat on their bodies?! 

I cannot tell you how greatly Ms. Bockert's statement upsets me.  Now, only skinny cats can walk on the catwalk with skinny models? Are we, as a culture, that obsessed with thinness, that we can't even let an innocent animal walk without judgement? It is truly unfortunate that this woman chose to go about it this way. Tracy Reese's collection was impeccable and it was fun to see the cats on the runway, and to hear Ms. Reese's appreciation for cats,  but Ms. Bockert made me get my claws out. I am afraid that there will be more cat fights to come from her ridiculous comment.

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