Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The First Lady...and Her What?!

Now, I've written many, many posts about our first lady, Michelle Obama.  She's classy, smart, educated, stunningly beautiful and has a drop-dead bod, which makes her a fashionistas dream.

But, what can only go into the LOL and WTF columns at the same time, is Bob Grisham, an Alabama teacher, was suspended without pay for calling the first lady "Fat Butt" Michelle Obama.  Really?  I don't know which is more insane, the fact that someone gave him a teaching license, or that he thinks the first lady's butt is "fat."

I'm sure, he has access to the finest women his trailer park has to offer, but there's no need to beat up on the first lady or her butt. 

To be honest, if the first lady's butt is fat, there are millions of men who spend their free time coveting it, and even more women giving it all at the gym to have a butt just like hers.


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