Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Robin Roberts.. Ahead of the Curve

There are some people in this world that everyone loves to hate, like Casey Anthony, Susan Smith, and sometimes even Lindsey Lohan.  But there are some people in this world that we couldn't hate even if we tried.

Enter Robin Roberts.  We know Robin Roberts as the poised anchor of the Good Morning America show (I should have added Matt Lauer to the most hated list above).  She is smart and funny and wildly insightful and intelligent.  She played college basketball on scholarship and earned a degree in communications from a very small southern school.  She's a southern belle--a native Mississippian who makes frequent visits back to visit her family and friends.

But don't let all that poise and class fool you.  She is an ass kicker.  A hardcore ass kicker.  In 2007, she was diagnosed with breast cancer and after eight chemotherapy sessions and six weeks of radiation, she destroyed it.

And then, Roberts was diagnosed with MDS, a myelodysplastic syndrome in 2011.  She received a bone marrow transplant in the fall of 2012, and now she is back on the set of Good Morning America, smiling and charming America.  

Robin Roberts.  Breast Cancer survivor.  Mississippian.  Basketball player.  Journalist and ass kicker.  She is ahead of the curve. 

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