Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Amazing Donna Summer

I love to love you baby! Yowzas! That little chorus rocked the music industry and scortched the charts. The amazing and revolutionizing Donna Summer.  The Queen of Disco, has died of cancer, at the age of 63.  She was a 5 time Grammy winner and the first artist ever to score three back-to back No.1 double albums.  She is credited to influencing a great many stars from Michael Jackson and Madonna, to Beyonce and Rihanna.  This songstress certainly knew what it was to shine! She oozed sensuality and inspired it in others, as well! She used her strength, persistence, talent, and confidence to make things happen.  True, she was blessed with a voice, but she had to go all the way to Munich, and back to LA, to make people hear it.  In honor of Donna Summer and yourself, keep working towards your goals! Move past the trials and tribulations and push on!

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