Thursday, May 17, 2012

Bringing Back the Maxi!

The Maxi dress.  Once a staple for pregnant women and anyone who wanted to hide their figure, the maxi dress (and its adorable sister, the maxi skirt) has made its way into the fashion mainstream.  Worn by the teeny tiny and the thick alike, the maxi is great before 5pm attire.  It is loose fitting enough to rock with a fabulous hat and sandals at the beach, but dressy enough with the right wedges, to wear at the office of a Thursday or Friday.

While I personally love the maxi in the spring and summer, wearing the maxi, much like spandex and skinny jeans, comes with a few caveats...especially for us curvy women.

Caveat #1:  Make it fit.  I mean this.  Just because we're not a size 2, doesn't mean we can't be proud of our bodies and look fabulous.  A maxi that is a size or two too big, makes even the hottest woman look sloppy, girls.  For the maxi, naturally sizes run a tad larger than true, so don't be afraid to go a size down from your normal dress size.  A well-fitting maxi can snug your hips and accentuate your awesome curves.

Caveat #2:  The shoes, the shoes, it's gotta be the shoes.  A maxi can rise and fall on your shoe choice.  I can't think of an occasion where flats would set off a maxi, so my suggestion is not bother with them.  Find a nice open-toed wedge or low heel, and save the flats for shorts and ballet recitals.

Caveat #3:  Theorize before you accessorize.  And by theorize, I mean plot.  Plan.  Dream up an accessory scheme that draws attention to you and your dress.  I don't mean that you should "peacock" (we'll leave that for the guys in club.  Euww.) with a viking helmet ala Flava Flav, but tasteful sunglasses, a wicker bag and hat, and a charm bracelet will make it do what it do.

Caveat #4:  Have fun.  It should go without saying that we wear maxis to be comfortable, yet sexy, fluid, while at the same time form-fitting.  But, we also wear them to have fun.  To be fun.  To have the sun shine on our backs, to remember, even for a few hours, how wonderful summers used to be before the career, and all that.  Just have fun.

So, now you're ready to be maxi. Rainforest Paradise Maxi $185.00 Michael Kors $105.00

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