Saturday, May 26, 2012

A Pocket Full of Kryptonite...

We are no doubt superwomen. Doing all that we do--being great mothers, thriving in the workplace, hitting the gym, limiting the sweets and...chocolate (it's in a category all its own), and looking fabulous and rocking curves in a curve-unfriendly world--takes nothing short of miracles and super-human strength. We fly from work to home, we use our super strength to pick up groceries, and we have x-ray ability to see when our children or other loved ones are in trouble.

But, even superwomen with superpowers, have weaknesses--things that drain our powers simply by being in the same room with us. As you might guess, our kryptonite as curvy women comes in the form of cuts of dresses and clothes that are not flattering for our figures. Here they are:

The Mermaid Cut

It is called the mermaid cut because it is close fitting from the bodice down through the hips. You know, like a mermaid. The mermaid cut adds curves and bulges where they should not be on us curvy women. Leave this cut for slimmer figures or actual mermaids.

The Pencil Cut

Putting this cut on the list hurts my heart, it really does. Because, I have seen many curvy women rock them with grace and class (we're talking to you Christina Hendricks). But, I have seen a greater number of us beautiful, sassy, curvy women wear them and they look tacky on us.

The Sheath

See above. This cut is so unforgiving and tends to exaggerate our curves.

Halter Dress

Again, I have seen many of us pull this off well, but if we have bigger arms and upper bodies, we should stay away from this cut too.

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