Monday, May 21, 2012

Pink is for....

Pink. Pink is for girls. We have been told, not so subtly from birth, that pink (and other pastels), is for girls. We were dressed in pink hats and onesies, and swaddled in pink blankets to distinguish us from us. We were dressed in it for Easter, Christmas and other holidays. We were told that we (and Molly Ringwald) were pretty in it in high school, and there is even a line of clothing that makes a point to prominently display the word pink on our butts, or legs or chest.

So, we know that it's the color we're supposed to like and wear, but is it really our color? Is pink our color because we like it, or because we are told to like it? Well, an effort called believes just that--that the color pink has been pushed on us to wear and like, and with it, stereotypes that limit and marginalize us to certain roles.

They have a point, but fashion has been moving away from this for years. Some of the world's most awesome are rarely seen in pink, while some of the world's most powerful men have.

 Pink the Singer

President Obama

 King of Thailand

What do you think...about pink?

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